RediSQL PRO Motivation

This document explains why we decide to offer a commercial PRO version alongside the free and open source community version.


Necessity to make the project sustainable

We believe that in order to provide the most value Open Source should be sustainable.

Design, implementation and testing are all necessary and valuable steps of any software project, but they do require time.

Open sources projects that are able to really deliver value need to find a way to remunerate the time of their maintainers.

Some successful open source projects are backed by companies (Firefox, React, etc...), other sell supports (mongodb, vernemq, etc...) and other plug their software into a commercial offer (npm, docker, elatic, etc...).

Our approach

In order to provide a open source, our approach is to offer two different product, a completely free open source one and a PRO version.

Selling the PRO version allows us to dedicate most of the time to the project, having a good work-life balance, enjoy time with our girlfriends, wives or kids and being productive developers and technical writers.

Benefits for organizations and for the community

Moreover, we believe that this is the best way to serve our users and the community.

Indeed, we are able to maintain the project through the years so that any company or organization that decide to use our product will know that in 3/4/5 years we will still be there to help them if any problem should arise.

On top of this also single programmers, very small start-ups or small companies will benefit from us keeping maintaining the product in its two form, community and pro.

You can support us and buy the commercial version of this product on this web page.

We also offer custom license terms if your organization needs one.

About the cost

We set up the cost (€990 / year) to make it a bargain for every company that actually uses it.

Considering the amount of time necessary to replicate the PRO features:

  1. Understand the working principle of Redis
  2. Understand SQLite and how to leverage it
  3. Understand the Redis Module API
  4. Design the product
  5. Implement it
  6. Test it
  7. Document it
  8. Maintain it

Multiply it by the hourly rate of a software engineer (~100 €/hours).

It is clear that after a little more than a single day of work our product will be a net positive for your organization.

Moreover, the PRO version comes with support plan to help you extract the most value out of the product.

Finally, we offer custom, business-friendly licenses if your business or lawyers need them.